Layla Hamood




Layla is a talented hair and makeup designer, supervisor, artist, personal, barber, and male groomer. Over the last seven years she has consistently worked on high-end TV productions such as ‘Hollyoaks’, ‘EastEnders’, ‘Emmerdale’, ‘Vera’ and ‘Bullet Proof’, where she has honed and built her craft.  She’s highly skilled with Afro hair and darker skin tones, modern and period looks, and has an excellent working knowledge of historic and cultural hair and makeup styles. She is also very experienced at designing hair and makeup looks for a production, continuity, managing a budget, as well as the hair and makeup team. 

After starting on Channel 4’s Fresh Meat, she quickly moved onto a range of different genres, including reality TV, sport and drama. This has given her versatile qualities and developed her leadership skills, when working with a contrast of teams, clients and hair and makeup departments. She has been a continual presence on the set of Eastenders since 2017 – right up until 2021. She recently completed work as a Hair and Makeup Supervisor on Amazon Prime’s drama, The Rig, and looked after all the main cast members of colour including Richard Pepple, Rochenda Sandall, Calvin Demba and Abraham Popoola. Layla was also the main hairdresser on the team and was in charge of all hair cuts for all cast members. Layla has just completed a commercial for ‘New Balance’, working as Raheem Sterling’s personal makeup artist and groomer.