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‘The Melanin Agency’ is the first ever agency specialising in hair and makeup services for people of colour along with diverse productions on Film and TV.  We also provide our services for commercials, press tours/junkets, TV appearances, major events, and red carpet occasions.  All our hair and/or makeup artists are trained to work with all skin tones and hair textures, from Caucasian to black skin and straight, to curly to afro hair textures.

The Agency was formed out of concern for the inadequate hair and makeup provision for black, mixed race and South Asian performers on film and TV. It aims to address this by ‘breaking barriers’ to entry, and helping those already in the industry to move up, thus improving the quality and standard of hair and makeup support for people of colour.

The Melanin Agency is supported by Identity Agency Management, (IAG). IAG is a leading Acting Talent Agency, representing a great number of actors of colour on Film and TV in the UK and US.