Junior Green




Junior is an award-winning hair stylist / hairdresser and founder and owner of a highly acclaimed hair salon in Kensington, London. He has been a formidable force on the UK hairdressing scene, during a career spanning 35 years. Junior has also been elected to the Black Hair & Beauty/WAHL Hall Of Fame member in several categories. 

Junior is a regular contributor to live shows and seminars including corporate and private performances and events in Paris, Brazil, Nigeria and New York. He is passionate about delivering an exceptional level of service to all clients along with workshops for students who are continually breaking down barriers and myths surrounding Afro hair. His TV work include lead stylist roles on Baby Father, The Salon and 10 Years Younger.  Junior is a specialist of hair treatments, beautiful haircuts, colours’ and technical and creative designs for women with Afro hair and multi-textured curly hair.