Amii Mcintosh




Amii is a born Brummie, East London based fashion stylist. She is a forward-thinking fashion stylist with a strong background in editorial, commercial, and celebrity work. She seeks to leverage her expertise in crafting impactful visuals to shape the future of fashion experience.  Amii believes clothes are a powerful visual language and she’s always finding new ways to tell stories with them. Inspired by her experience at Port, GQ and Stylist magazine, she built her career with a mission to highlight emerging designers and new techniques. Amii’s work has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar Korea, music videos for artists like Olivia Dean, and collaborations with global brands like L’Oréal and Lacoste.  

Amii is passionate about exploring the intersection of fashion with AI and AR and she believes these technologies will revolutionise the industry, offering new levels of personalisation and immersive experiences.