Aina McCallum




Aina is a highly skilled Hair and Makeup Artist with over 8 years of experience. She transitioned into film and TV after working as a personal hair and makeup artist for comedian Kojo Amin on various entertainment projects, including two short films, a theatre production, and several TV appearances.

Aina has extensive experience as a hair and makeup designer. She crafted makeup looks for both male and female cast members in theatre productions such as ‘True Romance’ and ‘Love Thy Fro’. In 2023, she worked as Nyesha Arrington’s hair and makeup designer on ‘Next Level Chef’, collaborating closely with other teams to create flawless, synchronized looks for the camera.

Aina has also served as a personal hair and makeup artist for contestants in the Miss World competition, including Miss Caribbean and Miss USSR. She provided her services to performers and the host of the ‘Black Magic Awards’ and styled several photoshoots for ‘Nought Hair Care’ and Pride Magazine. Additionally, she has worked as a Hair and Makeup Artist for Blow Ltd.

Aina is a talented artist and stylist eager to make her mark in the film and TV industry.